Kingston Kup 2014

3rd-4th May 2014
VENUE Battery Point Community Hall

Address: 52 Hampden Rd, Battery Point, Tasmania, 7004

Parking: Free for first 8  cars

Entry to be in by 11thh April 2014

Lists to be in by 18thh April 2014

The cost is $30 per player.

 Players under the age of 18 years are allowed free entry.

  • Cheques made payable to “John Mumford”. or Paypal to
  • The much coveted Monty, DeGaulle and Guderian awards will also be given to those deserving!
  • Entry application, fees and any queries to be addressed to:

John Mumford, 24 Calverton Place, South Arm Tasmania 7022.

  • List checker lists to be emailed  to Les at

Club Name
Axis / Allied
Cheques included or Paypal
Please indicate if you will be attending Social Dinner Sat night?



Players must fully define their troops as they are placed on table.  Figures must provide a reasonably accurate representation of the troops they are trying to represent – they must not look deliberately misleading.

Players should exchange lists at the start of a game before deployment and point out any special rules their list uses.

Terrain will not need to be provided by the players.

Players must be present and ready to start the match at the appointed time.

Where a player has a reasonable excuse for arriving late the match start will be delayed by up to 30 minutes, after which time the effected player will be awarded a bye and full points. No player will be awarded more than one bye for any reason.

Each table will be preset with terrain at the start of the tournament, where possible players will be allocated to tables that they have yet to play on.

All figures must be representative and painted and based to an acceptable standard. Contact me if you wish to borrow an EW army – Brit Armour, Italians, German Armour or Infantry or Polish infantry Russian armour/infantry are available.


The Lists

Lists must be from Blitzkreig, Hellfire and Back, Burning Empires, Rising Sun books or Poland Invaded and Netherlands 1940 PDF’s

One character per Company allowed.

No Multiple companies unless specified in the lists

Points 1555.

V3 Rules will be in place and clarifications published for any issues not covered by BF before the competition date, Please see latest V3 LFTF pdf for updates


The Draw

A modified Swiss Chess system will operate throughout the competition. Players may not play against fellow club players in the first 2 rounds, nor players whom they have played in earlier rounds, nor against any relatives in the first degree of consanguinity. Thus a player cannot be matched against his/her spouse, parent, brother, sister, and/or child.

Where possible the draw will be such that axis vs allied games are maximised but it is more than likely that some blue on blue games will occur.



1.) Breakthrough or Encounter

2.) Counterattack or Dust up

3.) Fighting Withdrawal or Hold the Line

4.) No Retreat or Surrounded

5.) Blind Domination (see p 8 & 12 of attached pdf from I-95)


Work out who is the winner of the game, and consult the victory points table for the mission.

The winner of a scenario will gain +100 victory points        - Except The Blind Domination Mission where the Domination points will be added instead of  +100

If the game is a timed out 'fair fight' or a 'mobile battle' or 'defensive battle' where fewer than 6 turns have been played then each player scores as if they have lost the game. Their score for the game is their FoW score. It is expected that all players will not only do their best to win but to their best to ensure their opponent has a good game and a fair chance to win.


Kingston Kup Timetable

Saturday May 4h

Registration Mission 9.15 am
Start Game 1 TBC 9.45 am
End Game 1   12.20 pm
Lunch   12.20-1.00 pm
Start Game 2 TBC 1.00 pm
End Game 2   3.35 pm
Start Game 3 TBC 3.45 pm
End Game 3   6.20 pm


Sunday May 5th

Start Game 4
9.30 am
End Game 4
12.00 pm
Start Game 5
1.00 pm
End Game 5
3.00 pm
Pack up
3.30 pm
Prize Giving


All game times will include 5-15min random finish time. To allow Last bound so an even number of turns can be played.