Welcome to FOWLists!

This site is a series of online army lists, so you can calculate your Flames of War armies. To choose an army list, either click on the book or nationality you are interested in (over on the right), and then click on the army list you want.  Use the selections to pick units and their options. You may only pick from one unit in each 'block' -- there are small blank lines separating 'blocks'.

The army list tables are intended to be aids for your army lists, rather than definitive. Often army list books will have additional restrictions that are not in these lists. E.g., often German panzer platoons must have the same tank as the headquarters tanks -- but these tables do not enforce this. IT IS UP TO YOU TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR LIST IS VALID.

Please note that I have no relationship with Battlefront, and these lists are done without there permission. Hence I also don't include rules that are in the various books - I am trying to ensure that you own the books in order to use these lists.

I create these lists in my spare time from books I own. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful! Let me know if you spot an error - Nick.Bowler@gmail.com In general I fix errors on the weekends, and will send you an email once your error has been fixed.  However, sometimes real life intervenes, and it will be a few weekends before I can make changes. 

FOWLists and Forces of War.  When there was no official army list builder, I was happy to create and maintain this site.  However, now Battlefront has an approved official army list builder, I am not going to keep adding to this site.  I wont shut the site down unless asked, but I wont be adding later books to the site.  I will be fixing errors, but that is it.

FOWLists and Forces of War Part 2.  Several people have wondered if Battlefront asked me to stop producing FOWLists.  Battlefront have not contacted me at all over this site.  The decision to stop updating is mine and mine alone.  Battlefront are providing an officially supported system, and I don't want to conflict with them in any way.  This is a business for them, and its a hobby for me!

Yet another addition -- Team Yankee.  Damn you battlefront - Team Yankee has taken over the club!  My wallet is hurting!   The Team Yankee lists are now in their own list builder.  The team Yankee list builder has no statistics -- it just lets you add up points.  The link to the Team Yankee list builder is in the top right of the page.