Launceston Gaming Club Presents -- Dogs of War

Dogs of War

Eastern Front Escalation

Tournament Rules Briefing 2014




Two day V3 Flames of War escalation tournament focusing on themed late war battles on the Eastern Front (Axis versus Allies).  Army lists from the revised Red Bear/ Grey Wolf compilation or the newly released Desperate Measures. Domination Missions in effect with a series of escalating point games across two days of battle. Flames of War V3 and November 2013 Errata in effect.



The event is hosted on the long weekend (Tasmania) 8th & 9th March 2014. Registration information below.



East Launceston Bowls Club (function room)

22 Adelaide Street East Launceston



Tournament Details


Entry Costs:

Entry fee for two days is $30.00 per person.

Contact Shane Madden for more information



Best Overall General: highest ranked player after five games with the winner also being awarded Best Allied/Axis General depending on army played.

Best Allies General: highest ranked Allied player.

Best Axis General: highest ranked Axis player.

Best Painted Army: judged at lunch time day two for those interested.

I was DOMINATED! lucky last inherits the DOG’s wooden utensil

Man who dived on a dud grenade! lucky door prize.


The Scoring:

All games will be scored Win, Loss, Draw, with Domination Points as both tiebreaker and to determine standings on leaderboard to facilitate the draw. Special note should be made of the scenario victory conditions in the 2013 Domination Mission Rules Pack.


The Draw:

Runners & Riders shall be announced in the week leading up to the event. The first round draw shall be conducted by an impartial third party and announced the day prior to the event. Following rounds shall be matched up according to player ranking (Axis v Allies).



The Terrain:

Boards are being designed with the format of the competition firmly in mind. This means boards must be balanced and playable from both short edge and long edge deployment. There will be a minor rejig of terrain before commencement of play on day two and the Domination Control Points shall be revised accordingly to be in line with the final day missions. We are aiming for a good cross section of Eastern Front terrain boards from relatively open steppe with low rolling depressions through to dense forest, soggy marshes and rugged high country. There will be a snow board (slow going) but we will be sensible as to not cripple lists with a glut of slow going boards. Time shall be set aside the morning of the competition to highlight individual board features and terrain information sheets will be provided on each table.


The Games:

The tournament features five domination mission games with escalating point values. An updated (2013) version of the Domination Mission Rules will be utilized for the event and will be available for players both on the day and circulated to participants well before the event. Game point values have been matched to the scenarios as follows, including allocated game time.




The Lists:

Players must nominate to represent either Ally or Axis forces and will be “locked into” that decision six weeks prior to the event. Lists must originate from the revised Red Bear/Grey Wolf compilation or Desperate Measures only. Players will be require to submit the five escalating list variants no later than 10th February allowing extra time for list checking. Players must also present a printed version of each list variant to their respective opponents on the days of the tournament.


List Requirements:


Warriors: One only warrior per company allowed.


HQ: Players must select their HQ rating (eg. CT, FT) and adhere to that rating for the events entirety. HQ attachments may be adjusted as points increase, warriors may be added or dropped as seen fit.


Compulsory Platoons: Compulsory platoon requirements MUST be met throughout all levels of escalation. Compulsory platoons must mirror their HQ rating excepting for those platoons that allow differing skill ratings without altering the HQ rating (eg: Peredovoye Otryad). Compulsory platoons can be adjusted as points increase (from short to full or vice versa). Platoon upgrades and transports may also be altered as seen fit by the player.


Weapons Platoons & Support: Weapons platoons and support platoons may be adjusted as seen fit by the player according to escalating point needs. They may be fully dropped, expanded and have ratings not in line with the HQ. All lists are still bound by the standard V3 rules regarding allied platoons and motivation.


Always Attacks/Defends Lists: Domination missions utilize a dice roll to determine attacker/defender in most scenarios except where noted otherwise. Always Attacks/Defends special rules are ignored for the purpose of the event.


Fortified Lists: Fortifications are allowed in Domination missions but be forewarned that some scenarios are EXTEMELY biased against these kinds of lists and would pose a very difficult proposition to do well in several scenarios. Make special note of the deployment restrictions in some of the missions.


Toot Toot: I love the train…well who doesn’t and it would be permitted in the event but there are a couple of considerations to be made. Several of the boards (four-five) are purpose built for the event and feature sculpted hills and valleys that would make deploying the train (actually placing the tracks and train) very difficult. The ruling on these boards would be that the train would have to be placed in the “lowland areas” usually situated in the middle of the board.

If anyone considered running it I would advise a private discussion with both organizers to make sure you are comfortable with our rulings to avoid disappointment at the event (we would still have to look in more depth how we would handle it).



Registration: 0900h Player registration and first round draw.

Official Briefing: 0915h Mission packs, terrain and table discussion…questions.



Mission: Domination

Start: 0930h

Points: 1250

Time: 90 minutes


Lunch 1100h-1230h

 (Includes 15 minutes for players to finish on even turns).



Mission: Frontline Domination

Start: 1230h

Points: 1450

Time: 120 minutes


(15 minutes for players to finish on even turns)



Mission: Blind Domination

Start: 1500h

Points: 1650 minutes

Time: 150 minutes


(15 minutes for players to finish on even turns).


All games on day one have deployment off the long table edges and domination control points allocated according to that table orientation. On day two the table orientation changes to the short table edge for deployment and a readjustment of domination control points to suit.


Social Gathering:

We shall make enquiries and a booking at a suitable venue Saturday night for dinner and a few drinks. We will get numbers and preferences sorted closer to the event.





Mission: Flank Domination

Start: 0900h

Points: 1850

Time: 180 minutes


Lunch 1200h-1330h

(Includes 15 minutes for players to finish on even turns).

Includes judging of painting competition.



Mission: Blitzkrieg Domination (Axis defending)

Start: 1330h

Points: 2050

Time: 180 minutes


(15 minutes for players to finish on even turns)

Presentations 1630h-1700h